Sandbox, Hello, world!

This is a my sandbox for a simple working with web and internet technology is not informational website.

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Single CMS

Single CMS is a simple, safe, editor for a single web page. Developed by: craig552uk SingleCMS

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Simple CMS

CMSimple is a php based CMS (Content Management System) that does not require a database. All data is stored in a simple file system.

CMSimple ist ein php basiertes CMS (Content Management System), das keine Datenbank benötigt. Alle Daten werden in einem einfachen Dateisystem gespeichert.

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Typo3 Test

Test Seite für TYPO3

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Aktuelle Test Seite für Wordpress.

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CMSimple_XH is a fast, small, easy-to-use and easy-to-install modular Content Management System (CMS), which doesn't need a database.

Templates Frank Seidel CMSimple_XH-Templates

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Neue Seite JF

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